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“It works so well that I don’t go out during bug season without a spray bottle of BUG SCREEN in my pocket, or in the glove compartment.”

D.D., Rock Barra, PE
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“The main thing is this spray works and you aren’t putting nasty chemicals on your skin, the largest organ of your body, and having them be absorbed into your body through your pores. Safe protection inside and out from nasty mosquitoes.”

J.M., Grand Tracadie

RED CLAY BUG SCREEN has and will continue to be used at our cottage with numerous compliments –it works and no chemicals! People that visit are really excited when they use the spray bottle that I have at the cottage, and then say “Wow, it works!” With so many chemicals been sprayed in our air this brings hope! A.M., Enmore

“Everything Red Clay makes, from mosquito repellent to topical pain relief, hand sanitizer— all a pleasure to use, and the aromas are divine.”
G.B., Cornwall

previously frozen, excavated in Spring weeding. Still works, but freshest is best.

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