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I’ve been using this wonderful product for 3 summers now and I won’t be without it! I spend a lot of time kayaking in a pond and up into a marsh, the mosquito and black flies can be intense! This product keeps me bug free and I can relax at the end of the night, knowing I don’t have harmful chemicals on my skin! I love the scent!

“We live in a beautiful part of Prince Edward Island that, unfortunately appeals to millions of black flies and mosquitoes every year.. Red Clay bug screen is the only thing that works for both. I have an allergic reaction to black flies and found myself house bound during black fly season. I can now walk my lab everyday through the woods all season long. Wouldn’t be without Red Clay bug screen!
M.S., Rock Barra

also available at fine Island stores:

John’s Greenhouse, 559 South Drive, Summerside https://www.facebook.com/johnsgreenhouses

Milligan’s Garden Centre, Miscouche https://www.facebook.com/Milligans-Garden-Centre-439032362847062/

Island Traditions https://www.facebook.com/Island-Traditions-Basket-Weavers-Co-operative-1614139952190920

“The refills are so easy to do, and we each take a bottle wherever we go. We all love the smell too. It works for us.” T.S., Tyne Valley

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essential oil mosquito & black fly repellent

“Could not live without it in the garden and at the cottage.” C.T., Summerside.

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50ml pocket-size refillable amber glass bottle of practically gorgeous fully effective essential oil repellent.


Used as directed, it’s safe and effective. Caution, ingredients, terms and conditions https://redclay.me/info/

refill concentrate

special effect

One bottle makes 6 bottles of BUG SCREEN. Concentrate is 50% essential oil /50% emulsifier. Measure, add unchlorinated water, stir, refill. Saves everything. 50 ml green glass bottle has a pump dispenser for easy handling. Simple Do It Yourself instructions: refill

DIY BUG SCREEN concentrate

Refill the 50ml amber bottle six times with this DIY water-soluble BUG SCREEN blend.


made with care in Ellerslie, Prince Edward Island, MOSQUITO CAPITAL OF CANADA


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  1. Thank you so much for your beautiful products.
    Everything you make, from fly repellent, hand moisturizer, topical pain relief, hand sanitizer, natural disinfectant hand, and surface spray, they are all a pleasure to use, and your fragrances, and aromas are divine, and probably most important is the work..

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  2. The main thing is this spray works and you aren’t putting nasty chemicals on your skin, the largest organ of your body, and having them be absorbed into your body through your pores. Safe protection inside and out from nasty mosquitos.


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