Red Clay wares are responsibly sourced & organic (when possible) small-batch & plant-based skin food. Premium ingredients are simply blended without heat to preserve all the benefits of Vitamins C&E they contain. The butters used are always raw, fair trade, unrefined and traditionally prepared, which may result in tiny particles of fruit or seed pulp, rind, or seed. Carriers are likewise cold-pressed, raw & organic.

BALM skin repair

For gardeners! For feet!

Red Clay BALM contains organic essential oils of australian sandalwood, blue tansy, calendula, cistus, helichrysum, lavender, mastic, yarrow, in buriti, sea buckthorn, olive squalane, and ayurvedic kumkumadi carriers with raw, organic shea butter for skin nourishment and repair..

BALM skin repair

Healing, rich blend for cuts and scrapes, insect bites, as well as wind &; sun burns and general rough dryness.




Topical treatment for aches, pains, strains and sprains. 100ml jar is $25.; 50ml is $15. For the smaller, please send a note and we’ll adjust cost, then add postage


ingredients: Anti-inflammatory organic essential oils of White Camphor, Manuka, Atlas Cedarwood, Bay Laurel, Curry Leaf, Ravensara, Wild Turmeric, Ajowan, Juniper, Yarrow, Lavender, in organic raw shea butter, arnica, English daisy flower and meadowsweet-infused oils; olive squalane.

“I started using the BALM over the winter and my skin has thanked me. This delicate balm is so light and moisturizing, it leaves your skin glowing and radiant. I’ve stopped using commercial perfume, Balm is my new scent! I use so much of this, that I’m suggesting a larger container be sold!” A. R-B., Bideford


“I broke my two fingers on one hand and had a lot of pain while they were healing. After doing my exercises to regain the use of that hand I found if I used ‘Feeling no pain’ it really helped with the after stretching cramping. R. S., Tillsonburg, Ontario

“I have severe rotator cuff pain and Red Clay’ Feeling no pain’ works really well to get rid of it. The relief is almost immediate and is a better topical than anything else I’ve found.” M.S., Rock Barra, PE

“Red Clay topical pain cream works better than anything I’ve found yet.” D.D., Rock Barra, PE

“This topical pain reliever is working great for those tight, irritated muscles. I use this product with gentle stretching and I’ve had great success with all minor aches and pains. The product lends itself well to massage and smells great.A. R-B., Bideford

Red Clay products are not offered as a cure for any condition.

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