Use products as needed, avoiding eye area, mouth and nostrils.  

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Purchase from Red Clay confirms my understanding of the proper use of the product. I understand and agree that the purchase and use of all products entails some risk, and that the proper use of Red Clay products is my responsibility. Any use of the product other than as permitted and described on this website is at my own risk.

How essential oils work in the body, from the Tisserand Institute:

Science of Synergy by Dr. Doug Corrigan:

essential oil benefits:

excellent Canadian producers:

Essential oils are generally not recommended for pregnant women, or for those with serious health concerns (epilepsy, for example).  If in doubt, please consult your doctor before use.



Allergic reactions are possible with all products, and applying a small amount to the inner wrist or arm as a skin test is recommended.

Products are not offered as a cure for any condition.

The Pomelo essential oil in BUG SCREEN and THROW SOME SHADE is reputed to be effective against ticks.

CAUTION: Pomelo is one (non-phototoxic) parent of the modern grapefruit. Being somewhat rare, the fruit oil has not been studied for contraindication with some cholesterol medications. Although amounts of this oil would be considered ‘trace’ in the final dilution if used and prepared as directed (in the case of the concentrate), since grapefruit and pomelo are related, if you are taking cholesterol management drugs and have any doubt, please consult your doctor before use.

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant essences which have been made and used for millennia. All have antibacterial properties; some are antiviral. No other preservatives are used in RED CLAY products. They are made fresh; all ingredients are derived from plant and mineral sources. Unlike synthetic chemicals, the residues of which too often persist indefinitely, essential oils are rapidly biodegradable.

For the products to be fully beneficial, some awareness is required:
They are prepared raw, to maintain the high levels of vitamins A and E in the ingredients. Leaving them in a closed car on a sunny paved lot, for example. will kill them. They are best used within one year of purchase.

BUG SCREEN is a proprietary essential oil blend which may contain:

catnip, basil, cedarwood, eucalyptus, peppermint, melissa, backhousia, pomelo, patchouli, lavender, mastic, nutmeg, white camphor, wild turmeric, vanilla, rosemary antioxidant; organic distributing agent

Sunscreens: The Vitamin D Factor

Since sunscreen use began, skin cancer rates have actually risen. Reports are beginning to show that most sunscreens actually raise skin cancer risk. This may be, in part, because many sunscreens contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals such as oxybenzone. That SPF number that gives a sense of security is often the result of ingredients you don’t want in your body.

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